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Windows 10 Basic Introduction

Before starting my other videos there is need to introduce you with windows basic elements because it is a main platform where we run all software and windows utilities so first of all we learn about some basic thins about the windows. The latest edition of windows is windows 10 so viewers in this video we train you about some basic features of the Microsoft Windows 10.

How to save the file ?

Peoples save the file in computer but very less peoples are there who know that where what is the location of the file and how to open it in this video we learn that how to save the file in our destination location in the windows. Let’s know how to save the file in the computer in different location.

What is the difference between Save and save As

Save option simply save the file but you want to edit the file or not edit the file and want to save with the different name is in same location or same name in other location you can use this option. Let’s know what to do.

How to view Files in windows explorer

There are many option to view the file in the windows explorer like thumbnail, list, small, Large and many more and you can alos manage the group and as well as short the file according to your choice. Let’s know what to do for that.

How to create a folder

When you want to copy, cut or delete the many file in a single time, first there is need to select, if you want to select, click on the file but the main problem is when ever you click on the other file the previous file is deselected. Let’s know the process ho select many file in a singe time and deselect them also.

How to create a folder

If you want to organize your file in the computer there is need to a folder. Folder play a big roll for good management for files. In this video we know how to create a fold and manage the files there.

How to create Zip ?

Zip is a good option to compress the file size. when ever you want to mail or transfer the file from a computer to another computer it is very useful because if the file size is less, have take less time to transfer. so if it is very useful utility. Let’s know how to use it.

How to change folder icon ?

When you create may folder in a place there is a little bit confusion to observe them. If you change the face of the folder it is very easy. so this is very useful option if you create many folder in a singe place.

What is Sticky Notes ?

When you want to note something in the computer temporarily and not want to save it this is the best tool. for example you want to create a “To do List”, “Employee or students who are absent or Phone numbers etc.


WordPad is use for documentation, basically peoples are use MS Word for documentation but you can also use this tool for samll documents you can manage the paragraphs, formats the text and also insert pictures there. I say small documentation because there are some basic tool for that.


MS Paint is a most popular tool for bitmap illustration. If you want to draw something with pencil, Brush and colors you can choose this tool. This is tool is most – most popular in Children.

Snipping Tools

Many time there is need to take a snip short of any computer software of other element then it is the best option for that you can easily take short of any visible are on the computer screen.

How to hide file and folder in windows

Many time in the computer there are many privet files and if that is not your personal computer there is need to hide the privet files. this functionality of the computer is used to hide the files and you can also visible the hidden file when you wants. Let’s know what to do for that.

What is Read Only function

if you use a public computer and want restricted to file editing this is very useful utility. If you ‘read only’ the file anyone can open the file but not edit in the file if he make some changes there and want to save it is not save computer as it with a different name.

Character Map


There are many special characters in the keyboard but all are not there so we use this tool. There are all characters and If you do a letter more often, there is a keyboard shortcut name keystroke in the bottom right corner of the windows. for example you want to This “®” the keystroke is “Alt+0174″.



It is the normal calculator just like physicals calculator in real life. you can also use it for date calculation and also you as converter. It easily convert Wight land currency volume and many more.

How to check the file size ?


Every file have a size. if you transfer the data there is need to know that what is the size of the file. because every storage device have a limit to store data so that. and we can also judge that the files or files have how much time to transfer.

What is an Extensions Name ?


Every computer file have Name and it’s extensions name also extensions name say that what is the name of the application to develop the files in this video we know the steps to show the extensions name because extensions name are hide by default.

All about Fonts text Here


Font are play an important roll to make document attractive it decid that what type of the face appear of the text. we can use the font for different language documenting like Hindi, Urdu, Tamil and many more.

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